A View from the Top

Well, haven’t we had some fun?!

  • The Shenanigans over the eligibility of our two chums over from Aussie got the SDCA into a bit of a lather and while I believe we (the club) responded correctly and with dignity, there is still an underlying problem that the rules need seriously clarifying.

As Eric Woodmason observed “I don’t think the SDCA’s overseas qualification rules have ever been tested before.”

The clarity required centres on one word – ‘overseas’.  This is a job for the League AGM to sort out but it’s likely to happen again so it really does need sorting.

Thanks to Pat and Josh for their contribution to the club.  Apart from a memorable afternoon in The Lamb at Eastcombe, their major contribution was where it matters – out in the middle – and we thank them for it. (On reflection, Josh’s manful attempts to master the intricacies of Doom Bar were pretty hilarious as well!)


  • Thanks to Flash and Waller for their continuing efforts on the social front – if you have not read it check out ‘Bubba’ Wall’s piece on the golf day in the Social section.  Very funny.
  • I think you will all agree this is turning into a great web site.  As Alex pointed out – the topical stuff is for Twitter & Facebook but please send in pics or snippets to Al for use.  It makes all the more fun.  Incidentally, the sports editor of the SN&J was extremely complimentary as well.

In the next few weeks we are hoping to get the club history section sorted.  This has all the makings of becoming ‘official’ and ‘folklore’.

The official bit is being supplied by Waller’s mum who runs the Local History Society and has recently had a display dedicated to MCC’s glorious past in the Town Library.

Folklore (or unofficial) covers a broad canvas embracing moving the old pavilion through the town on a trailer (!), driving the roller through the back wall of the shed (no brakes), the clubs overseas recruitment policy (petrol stations and Indian restaurants) and the former player caught being drunk in charge of a railway station.  But I digress …

Keep up the good work on and off the pitch – still two months to go!

MCC Chairman – Mike Waring