A View From the Top

Hot stuff is what we want … well some of us!

• Had I been writing this a year ago it would have had a distinctly soggy feel. However, on a sunlit morning in July 2013 both our teams are sitting pretty, we had a good social at the cricket festival apart from the quite dire performance of Glos. Which is now being blamed on the wicket (as opposed to lame batting) and we have the prospect of an enthralling battle with Frocester
at the weekend. So all to play for.

Stuart Field is looking more than a tad scorched. Got away (just) last weekend without watering but the hoses will be out this week preparing next Saturday’s track and getting the dust piles into some shape for repairs.

• Two ton Teds …
Congratulations to both Tom Richings and Rafa on hitting tons last week for the two’s. Gave our lads something to bowl at and they didn’t let us down. So impressive was the performance we had a free of charge Spitfire aerobatic performance afterwards. Took a few players back to their youth I bet. Tom Sherman and his Mum got quite excited and the joint two’s captain enquired if it (the aircraft)
was quite old ….. (fine on the way). More importantly we presented Tom Richings with a club cap

PS: Cue moans “I had to pay for mine ….” grumble grumble. Did you get a ton? No. So be quiet.)

PPS : How did John Creadon aspire to his veteran title? He’s a lad in my book.

• Some of us gave been hob nobbing with the Royals I hear …
Private garden party by Mr and Mrs Tindall and half of Glarrs first’s gate crashed by Mighty Minch players in the garden of the Royal Oak in Prestbury on Saturday. Twitter messages sent …. Personal congratulations to Zara on the forthcoming big event … I don’t know … is mighty Mike a cricketer? Please don’t forget Zara’s step Dad Vice Admiral T.J. Laurence is a long standing VP of Minch CC so
we are in good company. (He makes sure we are represented at Royal weddings and things like that – just to keep up appearances as the MCC)

• Time on our hands ….

We are getting a new pavilion clock and one that keeps proper time rather than the arbitrary ‘about a week’ of accuracy. I mentioned we had been awarded funds from the Trust of the late Mr D Thomas. We decided to replace our notoriously inaccurate clock and (bless him!) chief clock guru and repairer Eric Wall (father of you know who) has kindly agreed to update the all-important mechanism to one that automatically corrects in the event of BST changes and the many Minch power cuts.

(PS: motive in the madness here … work out how many call out’s he’s avoiding …) But a brilliant call Eric and thanks to the D Thomas Trust and Mr Wall’s wallet for the great effort. Plaques and drinks all round in the pipeline, any excuse.

• Junior round up

Wednesday 17

On Wednesday they are having a medals presentation night – I will do an update soonest. This is the official end of the junior’s season although we’ll try and sort a few more

PS: Will try and get JT to expand on his match reports – there is scope for embellishment in – “the Under 13 won by 7 runs”.

• E-mail updates

PPS: If I am writing these pearls so they disappear into the ether so be it.. But the webmaster wants to set up an e-mail alerts system so folks know that these (and other) pearls hit the reader’s screens.

Please make sure you complete the Mailing List request on this site so we have your most up to date details. What might you be missing ??

MCC Chairman – Mike Waring