Shearm’s 2ndXI Round Up

Well what a season! My first as a senior team captain/joint captain with Ben Pitman. I can honestly say it has been one of my favourite seasons. Not least because everyone who played had an impact and most importantly they enjoyed their cricket. Even when we were a few players light we all stuck to it and saw us through to a very respectable 2nd spot in the league and a deserved promotion!

We started out with an away match to Charfield. A day that many of us would like to forget! A fist up loss was not a great start but it meant that the only way was up! And up it went!

Innings of the Season

We had several very important knocks through the season. 2X100’s 7x 50’s and lots in-between!. Notable performances from Matt Hole (fiery 45) down at stone showed what he can achieve with a bit of Application. Jack Cartledge with a couple of Camios at the right times to help keep us in the game and a fighting 49 against league champions Whitminster. John Creadon with a dogged 50 during a tricky home win to cam, Myself and Tom Ritchings helping our selves to 50’s against Hardwicke on the way to 233/4, Raffa joining the party with a 100* against Charfield at home and a gutsy 61 against whitminster at their place but I think the best was Tom Ritchings who in a run of 5 games hit 4 50*’s and a hundred. My favourite innings was his 110* showing how destructive he can be. Picking off anything lose and most that wasnt!

Bowling Spell of the Season

Again so many amazing performances. Matt Ritchings was easily one of the best bowlers all season. Barely bowling a bad over. However he didnt take nearly as many wickets as he deserved cue comments of “it takes a batsman to hit those” But I think the best spell/s I have seen were from Jack Cartledge. His 4/26 against cam and 3/6 against Hardwicke showed that when he hits his straps he is a massive handful!. He showed great skill with his left arm swing bowling to totally confuse cam and shot away their potentially dangerous middle order. Taking the wind out of their sails and allowing us to press on for the win.

Wicket of the Season

This is a difficult one as there have been some quality deliveries but I think the best was from Joint Skipper Pitman who in the final game of the season took a beauty. Seeing what all seam bowlers like to see… a cartwheeling stump. Pitman got one to swing in through the gate of Framptons Bateman and watched as the leg stump uprooted and cartwheeled! JAFFFA.

Catch of the Season

Not a huge amount of catches this season. However a few that stick in my mind (they stuck in my hands too) were from yours truly. Having just been put back over my head for 6 I tried my favoured line of attack. Round the wicket only for the batsman to crunch one back at me that just stuck! However I think my little pearler at Frampton topped it. My self and woody were converging on the catch in the deep, calling for it late I just managed to avoid a collision whilst twisting to the side and plucking it 1 handed. Lovely.

Sledge of the Season

Got to be mat hole to the Charfield skipper. After seeing Jack peg him for a duck Matt quaked him off only for the disgruntled batsman to turn and let out the kind of expletives only seen written on lavatory walls! Not massively sporting but hugely chuckle inducing. Mat was reprimanded…. in a way.

Champagne Moment

End of the season with all the lads gathered round and saying it was the best season they had played and that the atmosphere had been amazing. Made the Skipper Blush!

Team Performance of the Season

Got to be an away fixture to Whitminster. Our team had lost the toss and a weakened bowling attack was put to the sword by a strong whitminster. Racking up a mammoth 360 odd. It would have been easy for the boys to just give ups. Especially loosing top scorer ritchings for a blob. However the minch boys batted deep and managed a very respectable 205 all out. A score that would usually see them on the winning side!

Dick of the Season

As with the firsts, a plethora of options for this prestigious award. Firstly special mention to Elliot Patient for going out to bat wearing a hoodie. Not impressed. Jack Cartledge for playing a ridiculous shot to try and get to his first 50. After batting solidly he hit a rank full toss straight to the fielder. Gutted. Matt Hole and Nick Mills for giving me out LBW after hitting the cover off it – still not happy- but the award goes to Ben Pitman. For forgetting the score book on numerous occasions, Copying up into an oppos book only to find he had used the reverse side of their page, Leaving the score book at the furthest away games ground and finally forgetting his boots at Frampton. Que dad driving past the ground and chucking out the aforementioned boots before speeding off into the distance.

Unlucky Moment

I have got to have been a contender. Twice I was given out LBW having hit the ball into my pads. Even the oppos keeper didnt think it was out. I managed to play on after playing a text book defensive only for the ball to spin back onto my pegs. However the most unlucky player has to be Matt Ritchings bowling. He bowled countless balls that just missed the bat or that were just too good for batsmen. Hopefully next year the goods will favour him.

There you have it. A round up of my memories as the Skipper. I am sure there are other moments but it would take too long to recall them all. Until this time next year. 

Tom Shearman. Joint 2ndXI Captain


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