A View from the Boundary

Chairman Mike Waring writes:

During Saturday’s firsts game with Gloucester Gladiators JT was ‘no balled’ twice by the Gladiators’ standing umpire because he (JT) had not advised the umpire of his bowling action.

The standing umpire was actually incorrect in his application of the ‘no ball’ law.

Law 24 – section (a) states:

The umpire shall ascertain whether the bowler intends to bowl right handed or left handed, over or around the wicket and shall inform the striker.”

So the onus was on the umpire to ask.

Subsequent discussion with long standing County League umpire, Peter Sawyer further clarified;

“Law 24.1, in your blue law book, it puts the responsibility on the umpire to ascertain the bowler’s intentions…  Even if a bowler returns, I would always check and inform the batsman.  Most bowlers tell you anyway and it’s only a problem when umpires change… This law is designed to stop a bowler gaining an unfair advantage by changing without telling anyone”

Good to clarify a rarely implemented rule.

But what if the game had been much closer and decided by a run or two?

Food for thought!


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