A View from the Boundary… the Chairman’s blog.

Hi Everyone,

As I write (Sunday) we are a week away from the season start. An awful lot of work has gone on in recent weeks to kick off the season in style. As usual, mostly from the trusty few.

At the start of the season I cannot over stress to everyone how important your commitment to our cricket club is. Contrary to what the people at SKY will tell you, men’s cricket at our level is not generally in very good health. An awful lot of clubs are struggling and although we as a club are a bit better than most – talking to our captains – we’ve already had a few ‘I can’t commit’ comments, before a ball has been bowled. Happily, we have also had a number of new or returning players and that’s great. But guys it’s a long summer – stick with it!

There must be lots of Dads out there who have youngsters playing for us, or elsewhere, who really
fancy a game? You don’t have to commit to every week – our second team has a really sociable skipper in Ben and he’s very good at learning new names! So if you fancy a game get in touch (here) and you will be very welcome.

So what’s new?

  • The new kitchen
  • Outside of pavilion painted (thanks Minch Rangers’ Dads!)
  • Ladies toilet re-furbished
  • New mobile net and a cover sheet purchased

We are trying really hard to make this club the best we can within our resources so support us to the hilt and it will get better and better. Minch is a great little club to play for – we play to win but we play to enjoy it too – there’s no pressure here, and you can take the rise out of the chairman/groundsman (and his pitches) any time. He doesn’t listen … but hey!

I hope everyone gets something out of this season, from under 9’s to the ‘seasoned professionals’.
We‘ve done our best to get it ready … enjoy!

The Chairman (Mike)

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