Big Investments at Minch CC

For most of us, the last cricket season is a long and distant memory and the weather outside is still for too cold and wet to be thinking about the start of the next one. However, your dedicated committee members have been working hard in preparation during the dark winter months and have some very exciting developments to bring to you!

The committee is delighted to inform you that a number of investments have been made that will hopefully improve our facilities and your enjoyment of the game this year and in future season too:

The Pitch


Firstly, we have begun work to enhance our playing surface by hiring in the professionals; in the shape of Eric Woodmason and his son Rich.  The renovations they have done will form the start of an improved surface and hopefully set a better base to develop the quality of the pitches of the coming years.  There is no quick or cheap fix to improving a cricket pitch and this is a long term process that we will continue to monitor and develop. Hopefully we will see marked improvement over the next 2-3 years!



Secondly,  we are committed to improving all aspects of the club and have invested in further coaching for the coming season to benefit both junior and senior players.  More on this to follow soon…

New Nets

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.19.39

Red Recruitment Logo 2

Thirdly, thanks to our very generous sponsor Red Recruitment, the club has been able to purchase a new net in place of the weary old static net. This will double up as a secondary mobile net and will vastly improve outdoor net sessions for both junior and senior members.

New Sight Screens

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.25.00

Furthermore, we have also invested in two new sight-screens, something the club has never had before. These will be roll down mesh sight-screens that should present minimal fuss in terms of moving and putting them up. No longer will the dark trees at the pavilion end or the tennis courts at the opposite end cause an issue.  Batsmen had better find a new excuse for missing that straight one!

New Covers

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.20.49

Lastly the club has been on the receiving end of a successful application for the ECB Small Grant Scheme. With the ECB putting a real emphasis on getting games on in the face of inclement weather, the funding was available this year for pitch covers.  Thanks to Pete Wallis’s efforts, we have managed to acquire full pitch roll on covers at a fraction of the usual price thanks to the grant. Combined with the close season work done on the square they should really help with improving the quality of the pitches and enable us to play as many games as possible.  Along with the new net, new sight-screens and ongoing improvements to the pavilion our playing facilities at Stuart Playing Fields have never been so good!

Given that club has successfully immersed itself in the Gloucestershire County League and improved the 2XI standing in the Stroud District league the committee believes these new investments should really enhance the club’s current progression. With our current membership at just £50 for a year and free for all new members, is there a club around that can offer so such good value?

New Players?


Remember we are always on the look out for new players. On average we lose 2-3 players a season for varying reasons, largely due to a change of jobs or moving away.  Last year our push for new players was excellent; with around 8 new players joining or returning to the club. But we can’t rest on our laurels and we need that push again, from all of you! So please do your best to get ‘that mate who plays a bit’ involved!

Nets start on Wednesday March 30th, at Marling Sports Hall, Stroud see you all there!

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