The season starts here …

“I always think the season starts when the first of the mowers has gone away for service and necessary repairs.  That happened yesterday but as to when we get them cutting any grass, who knows?

“The field is as wet as I can ever recall and Mark from the football club has commented on their Facebook page that we’ve just had the third wettest January on record.  It can only get better!

“In April we will be having our usual work day to sort all the outdoor gear out but come mid/late February we will be putting the aerator on the square and getting a few tentative cuts in.   It will be important we don’t undo all the good work done on the square and its surrounds last autumn.

“Projects pre-season will inevitably involve paintbrushes and by the time we bowl our first ball I am hopeful a more formalised bar will be constructed.  I’ll keep you in touch.”

Chairman Mike

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