Four on the trot!

Hardwicke arrived with a full team of players, coaches, spectators and camping chairs, and had parked themselves on the boundary long before the Minch’s players began to arrive.

Unfazed, Minch Captain Dylan Hartley opened the batting, securing some early singles whilst partner Alfie Nicholls was focused on the boundaries. The next partnership of Tom (dangerous) Dangerfield and Charlie Hardaker epitomised the U11 ethos of ‘smash everything, run everything’ scoring runs at will, taking advantage of overthrows at every opportunity.

The next pairings of Harry Cowan, Katie Harbord and Billy Payne with James (razor) Sharpe continued in the same vein. With the loss of only 2 wickets Minch totalled 214 off 16 overs.

Billy Payne set an aggressive field from the outset. Whilst Harry Cowan and Tom  Dangerfield took 3 wickets a piece, Katie (the cat) Harbord – keeping wicket – ensured overthrows were minimised, restricting Hardwicke to 146 for 6 off 16.

Minch U11s continue in winning form having now played 4, won 4.

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