Proccie joins Minch ‘legends’ list!


Mike Proctor, the legendary South African all rounder who’s batting and bowling exploits caused Gloucestershire to be re-named ‘Proctorshire’ for a few glorious summers, has joined the list of legends who have (briefly) associated with Mighty Minch!

Mike was present at Stone on Saturday while our seconds were performing and cannot have failed to be impressed by Jack Cartledge’s ‘6 for’.

In recent times our seconds have also been watched by Joe Root and Jack Russell has been a visitor to the Arena in recent years as of course was Hamish Marshall.

And for those with long memories, a very young Shane Warne also turned his arm over on our hallowed turf!

Mike is pictured with skipper for the day Simon Penn.

One response to “Proccie joins Minch ‘legends’ list!

  1. Back in the late seventies former Glos player and Test umpire David Shepherd visited during a Minch v Chalford seconds game.

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