AGM 2021

Sunday 24th January saw the clubs AGM held, not with twenty cricketers crammed into a chilly clubhouse as usual but with their images crammed onto a laptop screen. A number of key pieces of cricketing business were discussed on and off the field including a number of new appointees to the committee. A big digital toast was given to outgoing Treasurer Steve Hooper who has just completed an incredible 40th season in the role! A huge thanks to Steve for many years of service. The incoming numbers man Ben Pitman has big boots to fill. Good luck in beating Steve’s stint Ben! A new Club chair, in Justin Hodges, has duly been elected (more of which here) along with new Vice-Chairman, John Hole. First team skipper of the past three years, Matt Hole, has been replaced by John Roe. Jaime Waring continues as secretary but has also inherited the role of groundsman, assisted by his brother Alex.

In other news, the square is looking very smart and in good shape for (hopefully) a full summer’s cricket after investment in new equipment and renovation. Whilst we’ll be sad to lose the ‘manual’ scoreboard loved by so many over the years, we’re also delighted to announce we’ve invested in a much smarter digital alternative to capture the huge home team run totals that will be surely racked up at Stuart Playing Field in 2021.