Matt Hole – Profile


The Mugshot:
Name: Matthew Hole
Nickname: Mole
Bowling Style: Right Arm
Batting position: 3 or 4
Batting Style: It depends on the situation and what is needed but normally fairly attacking
Favourite fielding position: Point
Highest score: 62* (declared – he had to go to work!)
Best figures: N/A
What is your most memorable game of cricket you’ve ever played and why?
The most recent 2nd’s game vs Chalford, I got my maiden 50 and we won with a  good team performance with the skipper getting a 7 for.
Who is your favourite cricketer?
Joe Root
If you could change one thing about the game what would it be?
I’d like to see free hits on front foot no balls and also field restrictions within the last 4 overs as it would allow for more competitive scores and test the skill of bowling and encourage a wider range of skills.
What would be your perfect day of cricket?
My perfect cricketing day would be for both firsts and seconds to post comfortable wins with good team performances and for a personal 50+ score with nice warm, sunny conditions!
Why Minch CC?
Numerous reasons; I’ve played for Minch since Under 11s, it’s my local team, I enjoy the cricket played in a good friendly atmosphere.