Ross Britton – Profile


The Mugshot:
Name: Ross Britton
Nickname: Claims not to have one – think that needs sorting this season!
Bowling Style: Variable
Batting position: 3 or 4
Batting Style: Attacking
Favourite fielding position: Slips or Covers
Highest score: 109*
Best figures: 5 – 22
What is your most memorable game of cricket you’ve ever played and why?
I was once lucky enough to play a game at the Bowral Oval in Australia, the home of Don Bradman. So much history, unfortunately my performance didn’t do it any justice!
Who is your favourite cricketer?
I’m a big KP fan. One hell of a cricketer, and changed the English game for the better.
If you could change one thing about the game what would it be?
Play more T20 matches where possible, maybe a local evening T20 league alongside the cup. More inclusive and opens the game up to more people.
What’s your favourite sporting film?
I bought “Rush” recently which was a great film, but I also own the DVD boxset of the legendary 2005 Ashes series which is always good to watch when the Aussies beat us…again…
Why Minch CC?
I’ve been a Minch CC player since I was 11. I might have gone away for a short period, but I’m always drawn back! Great club, great people, great atmosphere.