Waring Bros.


The Skipper

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Name: Jaime Waring

Age: 29

Nickname: J Dub

Bowling Style: Right Arm Medium Variations…

Batting position: I’ve been up and down the order over the years, but ideally I like number 5 or 6.

Batting Style: Adaptable!

Favourite fielding position: Backward point or Slip

Highest score: 106 no vs Old Marlingtonians

Best figures: 5 for 11 vs Leonard Stanley

What is your most memorable game of cricket you’ve ever played and why?

I have a few memorable ones. In 2003 my highest scores of 106 and 93 were in the space of 2 days, that was a memorable week. The league winning game in 2013 at home to Painswick where Pete Wallis took 8 for 7 is also a memorable one, the celebrations after in the Black Horse were brilliant. But my most memorable was in 2012 when we beat Frocester away, which was rare in those days. I had 81no and 4 for 23 as well as 2 catches. I remember Fred Gardner took a great slip catch off my bowling and most importantly we won, it was probably the best game I’ve personally played in for Minch.

Who is your favourite cricketer?

Not sure I have 1 favourite. Growing up I liked Courtney Walsh, Graeme Thorpe and Ian Harvey. Adam Hollioake was also a great all-rounder to watch.

If you could change one thing about the game what would it be?
I’d like to see T20 competitions/leagues on the weekends to keep people in the game. Having been involved off the field so much at Minch, I have seen lots of people leave the game through lack of time for 45 over /8 hours days on a Saturday. There is currently no alternative on the weekend and T20 mid week leagues are difficult with peoples work commitments. A T20 league on a weekend would keep those people, with less time, in the game.

What would be your perfect day of cricket?

Hot weather, wins for both 1st and 2nd XIs – BBQ and a few beers at the ground after with friends and family around.

What is your favourite sporting film?

Mike Bassett: England Manager  – Old but a good one, still very funny.

Why Minch CC?

I started playing at Minch when I was 10, largely because my brother and Dad were (and still are involved). The atmosphere at the club is superb. The cricket is played competitively but in the right spirit and that’s important to me. Over the years we have grown from 1 district side with a shed as a pavilion, to 2 league sides with 4 youth teams and flourishing facilities. It is great to have seen this brilliant club grow over the years.


Ol’ Golden Arm

Name: Alex Waring

Age: 36ish

Nickname: I’ve had a few over the years but currently rolling with A-Dub.

Bowling Style: Golden

Batting position: I’ve spent the majority of my time for Minch opening the batting, thanks to Tony Smith who had no fear in sending me in to open at the age of 15. Under the new skipper I’ve assumed a new role at 4/5 (I think this new skip has it in for me?)

Batting Style: 4,4,4,4, then usually out. On the occasions I don’t get out in the first 5 overs I’m fairly attacking but have been known to dig in and bat long.

Favourite fielding position: I kept wicket until about 6 seasons ago and always enjoyed my time behind the stumps – now happy to field anywhere.

Highest score: 127 v Woodchester in SDCA Premier match about 15 years ago.

Best figures: 3.4 Overs 4for11 v Painswick III in 2013

What is your most memorable game of cricket you’ve ever played and why?

There have been a few memorable moments in games over the years:

Pete Hayward kicking one for 4 over throws

Alan Venn making JC field fine leg at both ends, the whole game.

Tony Smith insisting we play out a game in the pouring rain so that the game would get a result – we lost!

Pete’s Wallis’s one handed caught and bowled to win the game against Tormaton.

I guess my most memorable performance was when we won the 20/20 cup final against Frocester. I hit 60 odd and then had a dream game behind the stumps taking three catches and two stumpings.

Who is your favourite cricketer?

Growing up my cricketing hero was Jack Russell; the finest of wicketkeepers and gloriously quirky too! These days I think there is a lot to admire about the talent of Joe Root.

If you could change one thing about the game what would it be?

All opening batsmen should be able to veto a ball a game – “nah, that one was far too good mate – try it again” 🙂 As a batsmen you only get one chance and getting out early in the game is the worst feeling.

What is your favourite sporting film?

It has to be ‘Escape to Victory’ or ‘Rocky’

Why Minch CC?

Growing up near Minchinhampton it was my local club. I played my first game for the U13s when I was about 11 but before that had watched my Dad playing on Saturdays and Sundays at Stuart Fields. I guess it’s in my blood now, I can’t imagine playing for another club side. I have loads of great memories associated with the club and the ground. Currently the club is a strong as I’ve ever known it and moving forward in a great way; exciting times ahead I hope!