Urgent – Under 11s Manager needed!

Jon Glover, our Under 11s manager has a bit of problem this season, all be it a nice problem to have; we have too many players in the age group! Therefore we have entered a second U11s side in the league this season to accommodate all the young players.  However, he can’t run both teams at the same time in different places so we are looking for a willing soul to offer some time and help out with managing the B team.

Jon says “I’d expect most B team players to be either those newish to the game or Year 5 school age, whilst they A team will be more so year 6 age group.  I will be involved with The A team on Tuesday nights so we need support from parents and senior players to help run the B team and make it a success.  If you child plays it will not mean that your son or daughter is consigned to the B team if capable of playing in the slightly higher level A team.  The B team have 11 scheduled matches – see fixtures here.  The first fixture is the 5th May.”

Duties include:

  • Helping select and coordinate the team for matches
  • Attend Wednesday Night coaching if possible
  • Sending out team communications
  • Occasional liaison with other Team Managers
  • Helping with setting up wicket, umpiring, delegate scoring, ringing in results
  • Looking after kit bag

The team would play a 16 over format where everyone would bowl at least one over and bat in a pair for 4 overs.

Please get in touch if you can help out in any way – even if only for certain dates.

Email – info@minchcc.co.uk

Or contact Jon direct on 07931378421